Filming Around Cowal

  If you have noticed camera crews filming around the town and district shouting 'action!' don't be alarmed . It just happens to be the S.A.F.C. filming Scottish author Banjo Frank Ian Galloway having some of his well know stories and songs filmed and translated into Japanese and Eastern Countries for the world culture organisation. The Japanese are known to love 'The Glesca Dunoon Patt-wa', and anything Scottish. Banjo Frank whose artwork, songs and story telling are already published worldwide fits the bill. So let's all shoot for the stars and get Britain back tae dae'n oor ain thing and in tae the world market and look tae the future wi pride. That will get us thru. Wi stories and songs like 'The Black Cat O'Cathcart'; 'The Dirty Dozen Golfers'; 'Russell Weir'; 'Find Me'; 'Beyond the Rainbow'; 'The Poppyfield'; 'The Cacklin Crone frae Strone'; 'Paddling up tae Stirlin'; 'The Kilmun Hall'; 'The Benmore Gardens'; 'The Granny Kempock Stane'; 'The Heelin Mary'; 'Louden House School'; 'The Carson Pixies'; 'Merv MacKenzie'; 'Muckle McPhee'; 'The Cockleshell Heroes'; 'The Kongites'; 'The Kongettes'; 'King Kongs Eggs'; 'The Festern Wellies'; 'Paintings Galore' and many many more classic stories and songs for you to view look and listen. Kee-eep dancin!

> All on film by the S.A.F.C. Star Arts Film Copyright. All rights reserved. Sess-el-Bee-Dee-Hills documentary film Director, casting Director Flavia Pivotia!


Memories From Switzerland

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